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J. Taibi Group, LLC | Wilmington, DE

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About the J. Taibi Group, LLC team

We help successful clients optimize their sales initiatives.

Don't settle for less than the best results any longer. Sandler Training delivers proven processes and methodology.

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Meet Our Founder

J. Taibi Group, LLC – Sandler, Delaware works with business owners, sales professionals and sales management to identify core challenges and obstacles to generating stronger sales, improved revenue growth and healthy profit margins. We can work with you in customized consulting, sales productivity and management training and coaching. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve significantly improved, measurable results.

Judy has over 25 years of proven sales experience working with business owners and sales managers to build high performing sales teams. Her career has involved growing the bottom line as well as coaching individuals to set and exceed both organizational and personal goals.

What can you expect from working with us? Well, to name just a few areas where we can help:

You'll learn and implement -

1. How to focus on why people will buy from you, not what people will buy from you.

2. Creating identical privileges, rights, and equal business stature in your sales calls.

3. Avoid stalls and think it overs.

4. Ask better questions to get better clients.

5. Eliminate free consulting.

6. Utilize strategies and behaviors that recognize the four basic communication styles.

7. Professionally and efficiently qualify and disqualify prospects.

8. Uncover your prospect's real budget to buy.

9. Identify the actual decision maker/s and stop getting run around.

10. Make more money, have more fun.

If you are ready to sell more, to more people, more easily – give us call. You can make sales or you can make excuses. We help you to make sales.

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Our Clients

Sandler's fully customizable training allows us to effectively serve clients in variety of industries, and company sizes. Our clients are in IT, Banking, Healthcare and many others, and include small to mid-sized through large organizations

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Join a Winning Team

Our office is dynamic, fast-paced and all about the clients we serve. Creating job fulfillment for the people who work with us is also a high priority.  We offer competitive compensation and benefits, flexible schedules to help employees achieve work/life balance, and ongoing training to help them advance in their careers.


Industry Recognition

Sandler has been recognized with multiple national awards, including "Training Industry Top 20 Training Companies" and "Selling Power Magazine Top 20 Sales Training Companies."

Explore some of today's top-performing programs to see if we're a fit for you.